Wizard101 Crown Generator 2015 has been updated!

Welcome to our Wizard101 Crowns (Codes) generator, basically what this cheat allows you to do is to add unlimited and free Crowns to your Wizard101 game account. These generators were made solely out of the need to help Wizard101 players gain advantages without spending money and time on a simple yet awesome game which is Wizard101. If you are in a search for crowns, then you’re in the right place because our Crown Generator will offer you more crowns with less time spent on the actual game, same goes for real money. The download links for the hack tool can be found below, it is completely awesome and reliable so please support our cause by downloading from locked links we provided.

If you don’t understand how the download process works, please refer to our How to Download page and follow the instructions carefully. Another thing, when you use our hacks please remember to come back and give us feedback! We depend solely on user interaction, without you, this will soon be forgotten. So, we ask again, after getting free crowns, as a thank you to us, come back and tell us what you liked the most about our generator and what would you like to see in the next version!

This crown generator and all of its features have been successfully updated as of 24th of October, 2014 — still working perfectly without any issues, bugs or glitches with Wizard101. If you are interested in reading more about the changes we made in the new version (v3.1), please read them on our Blog.

Wizard 101 Crown Generator Preview (image):

Wizard101 Hacks

Download link:

wizard101 crown generator download


  Number_1 Click the download button to start!

                       Number_2 Open the Generator and enter your username.

                            Number_3   Enter the amount of Crowns you want to receive.

               Number_4  Click on “Add Crowns” and you’re all set!

                   The hacker and all its features have been updated on 24/10/2014

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